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Beware 25/05/2018

It’s happening again.


Japanese Myth

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It’s a heatwave excuse 01/07/2015



It’s pretty impossible today to get anything done in this heat. It’s also kind of dangerous (this sounds like an excuse, it’s not but luckily it is) because when I am making things I tend to get so involved it takes up every last cell of Sophie, so I forget about food, drink and general body feels. Which I sort of need to be aware of so I don’t, you know, die.

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No, that’s fine, I was finished anyway 19/06/2015

Having a cat and making stuff doesn’t really work out. As I write this now, Obi has sauntered in with those half closed drugged up eyes and jumped up onto my lap where he purred himself to a twitching sleep with the occasional foot kick and body jump which has been making me jump as well. The worst part about it is I am desperate for a wee but I am a cat slave and my panthers sleeping comes first. Which is exactly how he thinks, aaw Sophie is sound asleep in bed and it’s 4am, I won’t run back and forth along the window ledge chattering at pigeons on the roof, that would be INCONSIDERATE. Yeah right.

If I’m at my desk on the computer I will get a lap invasion. If I’m at my work table making a painting mess, he will patiently either wait on the floor, window ledge or even in the hallway, until I have finished and go to wash my brushes. Then he will apply himself to whatever I have just made, most of it will still be wet so I guess cat fur can be included in my list of mixed media. If I’m drawing and there is no paint (or the non-cat-friendly pot of water), then there is space for him on my desk to position himself over the exact place my pen is. Which often results in me stopping because I am a cat sucker and he rules what I do.

Black Cat art invasion


And here’s a video I put up on my Instagram of a desk space invasion at our last house. Click here for the Cat Invasion Movie.


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Alien egg sacks 11/06/2015

There have been tractors here all day and they’ve left some sort of alien egg sacks across the field and it’s terrifying. I suppose it hasn’t helped I’ve been watching a lot of X-Files recently.

When I was younger my parents and I would do night time car trip between our summer house and house in the city, and I would sleep in the back. But sometimes I’d look out the window and see moonlit fields. At that age I was pretty frightened of aliens, I’m not sure what I’d seen, maybe ET or maybe Close Encounters through a door hinge, but I knew fields meant landing pads for spacecrafts. There was one trip where I was snoozing in the back, but must have been woken up by my parents bickering about my Dad going the wrong way, because in the middle of this narrow country road my Dad began to attempt a 3 point turn that involved backing the car through some verge and onto a fucking field. I don’t know why this scared me so much because in retrospect why would he have got stuck anyway, my Dad is a good driver and not stupid. Apart from going the wrong way, obviously. But that moment has always haunted me, and when I moved from a town house to a country house with the view of a field, I kinda shat myself a little bit.

But I know these aren’t alien egg sacks. I know they won’t hatch in the night. I know that creatures won’t climb up the roof and into my bedroom window. I still locked my window last night though.

Alien egg sack field

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Book, help. 01/06/2015

New book alert. Feed my brain. I am stepping into abstract territory because it seems to come quite naturally to me. Why are you an abstract artist? Because I make little sense to people but somehow they still like me.

Unfortunately, I am also frightened of taking the plunge so I bought this book for some support. I’m a chicken shit when I start to turn a corner, if it’s not a book teaching me what is now in front of me, then it’ll be hours of anxious face, cups of tea, lists and Google. I doubt I’ll do any of the tutorials included in this book, I just wanted to prime my brain with some basic knowledge before I started making a mess. This book provides a good understanding of what is involved in the composition of an abstract art piece, as well as how is best to go about composing. There are samples of abstract paintings, techniques involving mixed media, different application processes and some quite vague step by steps (which is a good thing). Some of my favourite artists are abstract painters, Rothko and Cy Twombly for example, so it was kind of inevitable that this would wind up coming out of me sooner or later. So here I go.

Abstract Book

Buy Abstracts: Techniques and Textures from Amazon.

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